| | | 2004 16' ElectraCraft Capri139 views
2004 16' ElectraCraft Capri139 views
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2004 16' ElectraCraft Capri139 views

USD$ 180 rent/day

Experience one of the country's most distinguished lake communities from the water. Bring a lunch and swim suits and enjoy our beautiful lake. PRO-PARTNER In addition to the daily rental rate this boat also requires a $10 cleaning fee. Renter is responsible for refueling or reimbursing the owner directly for fuel used. 1. LIMITATIONS ON USE. You expressly agree that: a. You will at all times operate the boat in conformance with all laws, regulations, rules and policies. b. You will not operate the boat while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, as defined by state law. c. You will keep the boat within the navigation area designated on the Lake Las Vegas Chart. Operating the boat within 50 feet of the shoreline is prohibited. Beaching the boat is prohibited. d. The dam and overspill basins are dangerous areas and you are prohibited from being within 100 feet of such areas. e. You will operate the boat safely pursuant to the navigation “Rules of the Road.” f. No pets are allowed on board the boat. g. All children under twelve years of age must wear a life jacket while on board the boat. h. No one under the age of 18 years old may operate watercraft. 2. BOAT OPERATION. By renting this boat, you acknowledge that boating poses various hazards which can cause serious injury, death or property damage. At all times you must remain aware of weather, visibility, winds and other factors which may affect your ability to navigate the boat safely. You must take reasonable measures to avoid risk of collision with boats, docks, buoys, swimmers or other objects, whether fixed or floating. You must give the right of way to rowboats, paddle boats and those under sail. You acknowledge that in addition to the normal hazards associated with boating, Lake Las Vegas poses its own hazards. You must pay careful attention to shallow water, floating debris, mooring lines, swimmers and non-motorized craft. 3. DAMAGE TO BOAT. You are unconditionally responsible for loss or damage to the boat or its equipment, including damages for our loss of use. As the operator of the boat, you are the Captain. As Captain you accept responsibility if you surrender operation of the boat to other passengers on board. You are fully responsible for assuring that you and your passengers and guests adhere to all safety rules. 4. EXTRA FEES. You guarantee your faithful performance of all obligations under the Agreement. In the event of late return, extra cleanup, rescue or any other losses, fees or damage to the vessel, you authorize Lake Las Vegas Marina LLC to charge the credit card as indicated on this Agreement. Amounts due from you will be due and payable upon demand by Lake Las Vegas Marina LLC. 5. RELEASE / INDEMNITY You hereby release and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Lake Las Vegas Marina, LLC, Lake Las Vegas Master Association, Lake at Las Vegas Joint Venture, LLC, Westin Lake Las Vegas, Ravella, a Dolce Hotel; Village Hospitality LLC, Aston Hotels and Resorts, LLC, Montelago Village Association, Pacific Capital Management, Inc., Signal Butte Investors, LLC and their employees, agents, successors and assigns from and against all liability to you or any third persons, and your respective personal representatives, successors, assigns, heirs and next of kin, for any and all damage or loss and any claim or demands therefore, on account of injury to person or property or resulting in death of you or a third person, arising out of your use and operating on the lake. Boat Type:Power Year Built:2004 Manufacturer:ElectraCraft Model:n/a Length:16 feet Capacity:8 passengers Total Horsepower:7 hp

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