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Lease to buy
All Clean
Projector for Rent
USD$ 349 rent/day
Castle 2 Bounce House  for rent
USD$ 175 rent/hour
Bubble Machine for rent
USD$ 60 rent/day
Wireless LED Vivid Lights
USD$ 32 rent/day
USD$ 75 rent/day
LED Light for rent @ 22 per day
USD$ 22 rent/day
Happy Bouncer For Rent
USD$ 199 rent/day
Hire 7 Element Obstacle Course
USD$ 350 rent/day
6' Kid Table Wood Top With Adjustable Legs
USD$ 6 rent/day
16' x 32' New England Plank Dance Floor For Rent
USD$ 1,176 rent/day
Chauvet Hurricane 1101 Water-Based Fogger For Rent
USD$ 50 rent/day
Clothing Rack 5' Single Pole For Rent
USD$ 14 rent/day
Rent a Monster Truck Bouncer at just $105 per day
USD$ 105 rent/day
Cotton Candy Machine For Rent
USD$ 55 rent/day
Quarterback Toss game at low cost
USD$ 50 rent/day
3 Par Light Source
USD$ 53 rent/day
Directors Chair
USD$ 15 rent/day
Card Table for rent @ 9 per day
USD$ 9 rent/day
Bouncy House
USD$ 150 rent/day
Air Dancer - 20' High Red with Yellow for rent
USD$ 50 rent/day