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Ultimate Party Kiosk For Low Price Rent
Rent: US$ 1,495
Mobile Disc Music INC / Damon Tedesco
Rent: US$ 1,750
Traditional Brass made Table oil Lamp
Rent: US$ 50
12 Channel Sound Mixing Board
Rent: US$ 150
Yamaha S115V Club V Floor Speaker at low cost
Rent: US$ 95
Rent a Peavey PV118 PA Subwoofer 18 INCH
Rent: US$ 50
Numark CDN95 Professional Dual CD & MP3 Player for Ren
Rent: US$ 30
Rent an American Audio
Rent: US$ 30
Rent a Samson MDR6 - 6 Channel Mixer
Rent: US$ 25
Rent a Behringer DX052 Mixer
Rent: US$ 25
Alesis MultiMix 4 USB – Four-Channel USB Mixer for Rent
Rent: US$ 25
"Rent a Digital Reference DRV100 Dynamic Cardioid Hand-held "
Rent: US$ 10
Samson and Shure Wireless Systems Concert IV CR4 Series for Rent
Rent: US$ 20
Crown XTI 4000 Amplifier for Rent
Rent: US$ 100
Rent a Crown XlS-602
Rent: US$ 50
Large Professional DJ Setup for Rent
Rent: US$ 400
"Rent a Professional DJ Setup "
Rent: US$ 200
Wedding DJ Setup for Rent at low cost
Rent: US$ 75
iPod DJ Setup for rent
Rent: US$ 125
Basic DJ Setup for Rent
Rent: US$ 100