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Lease to buy
All Clean
Rent: RMB¥15,255
Rent: RMB¥2,200
Great location space for rent
Rent: US$6,375
DIFC - Park Tower Retail Shop Available
Rent: US$100,000
Fire works Festival rent at 1000$/day
Rent: US$1,000
Fair and festival Space rent at 3000$/day
Rent: US$3,000
Art Fair Booth in rent at 300$/day
Rent: US$300
Booth Dapper in rent at 200$/day
Rent: US$200
Jack of All Trades in rent at 279$/day
Rent: US$279
Arts District Co-op base booth for rent at 120$/day
Rent: US$120
Rent: US$2,700
Retail for rent @ 3500 per month
Rent: US$3,500
Retail for rent @ 11203.50 per month
Rent: US$11,204
Retail for rent @ 25000 per month
Rent: US$25,000
Retail for rent @ 2370 per month
Rent: US$2,370
Retail for rent @ 41166.67 per month
Rent: US$41,167
Retail for rent in East 34th Street, New York
Rent: US$8,195
Retail for rent in Mulberry Street, New York
Rent: US$17,500
Retail for rent in New York for rent @ 5700 per day
Rent: US$5,700
Retail for rent in New York for rent @ 6000 per month
Rent: US$6,000