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Parking Near Red Bird Stadium
Rent: US$ 5,000
Garage space with parking of 4 wheelers for rent
Rent: US$ 75
Garage space with electric garage parking for rent - $75/Month
Rent: US$ 75
A parking ave for rent. - $70/Month
Rent: US$ 70
Oakland spacious Ave parking $69/Month
Rent: US$ 69
The space for parking in Stowell Ave for $65/Month
Rent: US$ 65
Farwell Avenue parking for $63/Month
Rent: US$ 63
Cramer Street parking for $50/Month
Rent: US$ 50
parking atFrederick Ave for $50/Month
Rent: US$ 50
parking at Downer Ave for rent
Rent: US$ 40
Glover Park - 1 Block from Wisconsin Ave. (1 space)
Rent: US$ 15
Private driveway on Garfield St. Nw, 20008 (1 space)
Rent: US$ 13
Allocated car park space on Irving St Nw, 20010 (1 space)
Rent: US$ 13
Shared driveway on Cathedral Ave. Nw, 20008 (1 space)
Rent: US$ 13
Private parking lot on Morgan St. Nw, 20001
Rent: US$ 14
Washington Parking Space, 20001
Rent: US$ 11
Washington Driveway, 20037
Rent: US$ 10
Rent: US$ 13
Weehawken Parking Space
Rent: US$ 13
Private driveway on 61 Clifton Terrace
Rent: US$ 13