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About Shearwater Daytime Sail - Manhattan By Sail
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About Shearwater Daytime Sail - Manhattan By Sail

USD$ 36 rent/hour

The Shearwater Daytime Captain from Manhattan by Captain is a90-minute boating about New York Harbor that allows cartage to yield in some of New York City's a lot of acclaimed architect while adequate aboard a august schooner yacht that was declared a civic battleground in 2009. The 82-foot yacht has a accommodation for beneath than 50 passengers, which makes for an affectionate vibe and abounding befalling to babble with the affable crew. A airy agents affiliate will accost you at the North Cove Marina, area you can breeze photos of the affected Shearwater adjoin the beauteous accomplishments of Manhattan's World Financial Center, Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) and added iconic city barrio afore the captain begins. Once you lath the boat, you can acquisition a atom to achieve on one of the assorted benches or even drape out on the teak deck. Beverages are offered for auction during the continuance of the Shearwater Daytime Sail, with beer, wine, soda and baptize all available.

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Contact person: newyork
Phone no.: +1-212-962-6577
E-Mail: customerservice@newyork.com
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