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Animal Trap For Rent
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Animal Trap For Rent

USD$ 12 rent/day

Animal Trap
Built of solid rust proof wire work with steel fortifications for long life and excited for most extreme imperviousness to rust and erosion 

Work openings of our groundhog traps are littler than contending traps of practically identical size to counteract escapes and stolen draw. 

Spring stacked entryway and delicate triggers guarantee speedy, secure catches that objective the particular creature's size, wiping out undesired gets. 

Strong entryway and handle monitors ensure clients amid transportation, while smoothed inside edges secure and counteract wounds to creatures. Trigger pole is situated outside of the trap so creature can't harm it while in the trap.

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Contact person: Patrickrentals
Phone no.: +1-770 914-9337
E-Mail: fgprent@aol.com
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