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Atomic ETL for rent
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Atomic ETL for rent

USD$ 42 rent/day

The Atomic ETL is designed for the skier who is planning to spend their day coasting down groomed runs. Its forgiving design allows skiers to easily initiate turns. This ETL takes perfection to the next level, with almost effortless carving and greater stability at speed, built just like their longer racing skis. Nanocarbon Technology: Imagine a technology with the potential to increase life expectancy by twenty years, reduce the world’s dependence on oil and unlock every skier’s potential to be better. Nanotechnology: the science of manipulating materials at the atomic and molecular level, has entered the world of alpine skiing and specifically the nanoframe provides twice the stability of conventional skis with 22% more power in its return flex. 

Contact Information
Contact person: Skisontherun
Phone no.: 888.488.0744
E-Mail: info@skisontherun.com
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