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Burton - Learn to Ride for rent
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Burton - Learn to Ride for rent

USD$ 15 rent/day
USD$ 40 rent/week

This is a great Beginner to Intermediate level Board. Burton teamed with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) and developed specialized Learn-To-Ride (LTR) snowboards that are easier for beginners to use. These LTR snowboards are designed to specifically address the problems that beginner snowboarders have when learning to ride. Through a combination of edge beveling, aggressive side cut and super soft flex, the LTR board eliminates unwanted edge hook-ups commonly known as slams. Perhaps you have heard your friends talk about catching an edge. Burton's LTR boards are designed so it is less likely you will catch the edge of the board on the snow and slam painfully to the surface. The aggressive side cut and soft flex makes the board easier to turn. The Burton learn to ride series is an easy to ride learners board for those who want to try out snowboarding. 

Contact Information
Contact person: UVU outdoor adventure center
Phone no.: 801.863.7052
E-Mail: instantinfo@uvu.edu
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