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Diamondback Insight Bike
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Diamondback Insight Bike

USD$ 5 rent/hour

<p>It can be difficult to get your children interested in fitness, but it's a cinch if they don't know what they're doing is exercise. That's the goal behind the design of Diamondback's 2015 Insight. Comfort is key with the kids, so Diamondback utilized the INSIGHT 24-inch light alloy frame with replaceable derailleur hanger and comfort geometry that keeps your child upright and alert. The Jr. Padded 2-panel seat and DB Kraton grips contribute to the overall comfort of the new Insight.</p> <p>The drivetrain is also comfortable, featuring 14 gearing options for climbing, accelerating, and reaching top speeds. The Shimano RS35 Revo 7-speed twist shifters, Shimano TZ-30 front derailleur, and Shimano TZ-35 rear derailleur make shifting responsive and seamless. The Alloy linear brakes require minimal adjustment and maintenance and will reliably slow your child down when obstacles get a little too close for comfort.</p> <p>The Insight is also built to survive children's adventures, so it comes with a durable 24-inch wheelset that can handle the obstacles found on the trails. The R-1000 aluminum alloy rims and Jr. Dual Sport tires perform well on dirt, pavement, or gravel. The handlebar is also steel, offering some rigid reinforcement on the front end to handle inevitable jump landings. If you're looking for a bike that will start your child's riding lifestyle, the 2015 Diamondback Insight youth performance hybrid is a comfortable fit.</p> 

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