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Doggie Daycare
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Doggie Daycare

USD$ 25 rent/day

Your dog socializes with friends and staff instead of sitting at home lonely and bored! 


We supervise each playgroup at all times to keep things safe and fun. Dogs play all day long, every day, in our indoor, air-conditioned playrooms with lots of romping outside in our fenced-in play yards. Dogs are grouped by size and temperament.


Our webcams are a great way to watch your dog in action!




Single Day – $26

5 visit pack – $105 ($21 a day). Package visits can be shared by dogs in the same family.

10 visit pack – $190 ($19 a day). Package visits can be shared by dogs in the same family.

Hourly – $6 per hour (3 hour minimum). Hourly playtimes not always available on busy days.

Weekday late pick-up – $5 for every 10 minutes or fraction thereof. At 7pm Monday-Friday and 5pm Saturday-Sunday, our facility is locked for the evening for the safety of our boarders and staff. If your dog has not been picked up by this time, we will feed your pet, give him or her an extra kiss, and tuck your pet in for the evening. Overnight charges apply.

Harness Rental - $3 per day ($20 flat fee). Harnesses required for playgroup.



Meals, Medications & Special Services


Pre-bagged – no charge. Bring your dog’s food in pre-measured portions – one bag per meal.

We Bag – $1/meal. Our staff bags the food you supply according to your directions.

We Provide Your Dog’s Meals – $3/meal. We feed high quality dry and canned dog food.

Treats & Other Goodies – We have a large selection of gourmet treats and special snacks available.

Special Services – We are happy to provide extra services. Charges are determined on a case-by-case.

Medication – No charge for standard medication including pills and topical ointments.

Injections and complicated medication – $10/each.​​

Contact Information
Contact person: Dog Day Afternoon
Phone no.: (407) 835-9200
E-Mail: info@dogdayafternoon.net
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