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Ferrari California
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Ferrari California

USD$ 1,500 rent/day

The Ferrari California speaks to another heading for the renowned worldwide Italian automaker and is an altogether new sort of auto. It consolidates the smooth treatment of a front-mounted 460 hp V8, a definitive adaptability of a hard-beat convertible (It's a roadster! It's a convertible!) and the sleek moving of a 7-speed twofold grip transmission. In a word, the California is great. Saddle up in the California and you'll rocket to 60mph in path under 4 seconds (3.6 to be careful). Drop the top and voyage along the shore, or put the top up and tear up a mountain street. You'll move easily with the twofold grasp transmission all while resembling a master. Regardless of how you drive the California, this is one rental auto experience you'll not soon overlook.

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Contact person: Bhrentacar
Phone no.: +1-310-274-6969
E-Mail: marketing@bhrentacar.com
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