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Grooming & Spa Services
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Grooming & Spa Services

USD$ 42 rent/day



SuperBaths include bath, blow dry, outer ear cleaning and nail trim.

MiniGrooms include SuperBath, feet, face and sanitary trim.

FullGrooms include SuperBath and full haircut.


Small Dogs

SuperBath….$18 & Up MiniGroom….$32 & Up FullGroom….$42 & Up


Medium Dogs

SuperBath….$25 & Up MiniGroom….$40 & Up FullGroom….$52 & Up


Large Dogs

SuperBath….$30 & Up MiniGroom….$45 & Up FullGroom….$65 & Up


Extra Large Dogs

SuperBath….$40 & Up MiniGroom….$55 & Up FullGroom….$85 & Up


Spa Services

Spa Treatment – add $13. Includes shampoo upgrade, conditioner, teeth brushing, nail filing & optional nail polish

Shed-less Package – add $10-$20. Reduces shedding as much as 80% if done every 4-6 weeks.

The Works – add $25. Spa treatment plus facial and trim of pads, feet, and sanitary areas.

Nail clip, Ear Clean or Toothbrush – $10

Nail Polish – $8

Quick Trims: pads, sanitary, tail or ears – $5-$15

DeMatting/Extra Brushing – $10 per 15min

Shampoo/Conditioner Upgrade or Flea bath – add $5

Capstar for treatment of fleas – $10

Prices are set to breed standards. We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. There may be additional charge if we need to spend extra time to groom your pet. *Extra fees may apply for longer coats

Contact Information
Contact person: Dog Day Afternoon
Phone no.: (407) 835-9200
E-Mail: info@dogdayafternoon.net
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