Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 cc bike ror rent @ 79 per day

US$: 79 (Per day)



United States - California




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The current Harley-Davidson Sportster is virtually unrecognizable from its pristine incarnation. The motorcycle distributes earnest power and performance to the sport bike enthusiast, and it implores to be revved hard for everyone around to aurally perceive.Features are One of the Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster’s most consequential features, introduced in 2004, is its rubber engine mounts that isolate you from vibration so well you won’t be able to believe it. On the other side of these mounts is a 1200cc, air-cooled, 45-degree tandem V-twin powerplant, which has been amended to handle all the hard riding you’ll want to give it now that it won’t shake the teeth out of your head. The 4.5-gallon tank goes for proximately 200 miles, and you’ll want to peregrinate with this bike for a long time indeed.

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