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Kevin Chadwick Photography for rent
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Kevin Chadwick Photography for rent

USD$ 500 rent/day

I provide the simplest in commission, artistry, quality and price - award winning Houston space wedding artist with 60 years expertise as primary shooter, 8 years expertise overall. I experience in client service and need to create certain that each bride and groom get over expected and area unit terribly happy that they need maintained my services. I'm attractive and celebrate shooting and that i have a natural endowment for obtaining extraordinary candids similarly as being an efficient "director" throughout formals. I actually have a standing 100% discount on all services offered to police, fire, military and education professionals, let Maine apprehend if you constitute one amongst those classes. It's very necessary that each the bride and therefore the groom area unit snug with the artist as someone and as an expert.

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Contact person: Decidio
Phone no.: 9567811372
WhatApps: WhatApps
E-Mail: decidio@rediffmail.com
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