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Kids Formal Kilt Package
USD$ 90 Per day

The Kids Formal Kilt Package is, by far, our most popular rental package for your wee one. This is the most traditional look with the Prince Charlie jacket and 3 button vest. This packages include everything from head to toe, SHOES ARE EXTRA. We even include cuff links & shirt studs to make sure the boys look extra sharp.

Included in this package:
•    Authentic kilt
•    Prince Charlie Jacket & 3 button vest
•    Black bow tie or Black Windsor tie (Colored Ties $5 )
•    Tuxedo shirt, Black, White, or Ivory (wing collar)
•    Cuff links & shirt studs
•    Formal sporran (fur pouch).  Black or Ivory body.
•    Kilt Hose (kilt socks) Black, White, or Ivory.
•    Hose flashes (decorative garters for socks).
•    Add $30 for Ghillie Brogues / Wing Tips (kilt shoes).


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