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Kids Formal Kilt Package
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Kids Formal Kilt Package

USD$ 90 rent/day

The Kids Formal Kilt Package is, by far, our most popular rental package for your wee one. This is the most traditional look with the Prince Charlie jacket and 3 button vest. This packages include everything from head to toe, SHOES ARE EXTRA. We even include cuff links & shirt studs to make sure the boys look extra sharp.

Included in this package:
•    Authentic kilt
•    Prince Charlie Jacket & 3 button vest
•    Black bow tie or Black Windsor tie (Colored Ties $5 )
•    Tuxedo shirt, Black, White, or Ivory (wing collar)
•    Cuff links & shirt studs
•    Formal sporran (fur pouch).  Black or Ivory body.
•    Kilt Hose (kilt socks) Black, White, or Ivory.
•    Hose flashes (decorative garters for socks).
•    Add $30 for Ghillie Brogues / Wing Tips (kilt shoes).


Contact Information
Contact person: Kilt Rental USA
Phone no.: 480-460-0907
E-Mail: info@kiltrentalusa.com
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