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Polaris Singshot
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Polaris Singshot

USD$ 299 rent/day

It would seem that something out of Michael Bay's intuitive – projector-shaft headlights as eyes, its cutting edge bodywork rakish and restless, with wide-set haggles profile elastic setting a strong position. A dorsal blade ascends between two move bars, the machine's truncated tail showcasing a powerful loop over stun and heavy single-sided swingarm. One might say Polaris' three-wheeled 2015 Slingshot is a transformer, part auto, part cruiser, a modern machine with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), footing control and ABS, the total of its parts went for a riding background that raises heart rates and adrenalin levels.

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Contact person: Street Eagle
Phone no.: +1-800-717-7970
E-Mail: info@streeteagle.com
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