Rent a Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit

US$: 119 (Per day)



United States - Hawaii



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The Kenyon Laboratories KS-8x8 Gyro Kit is the ideal adjustment unit for any camera framework weighing from 11-22lbs.

Gyroscopic stabilizers contrast from 3 hub gimbal stabilizers, for example, the MOVI, and DJI Ronin, as gyros are more successful in diminishing vibrations and other little, undesirable developments.

Gyro stabilizers are regularly mounted to helicopters, autos and different stages where unnecessary development and vibration can influence the nature of the shot. They are perfect for circumstances where outside strengths, for example, knocks, vibrations, or wind may make undesirable camera shake.

For entangled hand held shots with forceful skillet and tilts, we suggest our Movi M5, or Movi M10.

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