US$: 70 (Per day)

US$: 100 (Per week)



United States - Florida



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We have a TriStander 58 accessible for rent in Orlando. It is flexible, tough, and agreeable to utilize, notwithstanding for broadened timeframes. It offers three positions for more noteworthy adaptability. Its one of a kind configuration components permit inclined, prostrate, or vertical standing.....and anyplace in the middle! A foot worked pneumatic tilt component alters the point from 15-90 degrees. This component makes it simple to put the individual in the stander at vertical or in even plane. Flexible pads secure the person at the head, trunk, knees, hips, and feet. TriStander58 fits kids from 43" to 58" (109-150 cm) inches tall. The Maximum Weight Capacity is 150 lbs. (68 kg).
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