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Weddings by Nato
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Weddings by Nato

USD$ 3,000 rent/hour

We are a gathering of wedding picture takers and videographers that are visual storytellers. On your big day, we are trusted to be your second arrangement of eyes (a vocation we don't trifle with!). We catch that uncommon minute you and your accomplice lock eyes just because during the service. At the point when you were occupied with engaging visitors, you KNOW we caught your grandmother getting low to Notorious B.I.G! I may have even joined her for a second time we snapped away. These are every one of the minutes that will make your big day, well, yours! Furthermore, we point be there to catch everything as it unfurls :)

Contact Information
Contact person: Nato Tuke
Phone no.: 789654465
WhatApps: WhatApps
E-Mail: events@nato.com
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